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 Guangzhou Shunrui Trading Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company, located in Guangzhou (GuangDong Province) China, branch of the Spanish company S.I.V. Servicios Integrales Vicinay, S.A., who owns 100% of the capital of Shunrui. Shunrui, as I/E company, has the rights to make import/export business by itself, duly approved by the State Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Committee. After several years of development, Shunrui's customers can be located at EU main countries, South America and Middle East.

Shunrui, with the cooperation of our suppliers, has already developed different products, for different customers in different sectors, always according to customer's specifications. Our customers are very satisfied with the work made in China by Shunrui and as result of that satisfaction we keep our customers for long time. Shunrui's main sectors of work are:

  • Textile.

  • Pellets.

  • Window & Door Accessories.

  • Electrical Equipments for Furnaces.

  • Import/ Export Services.

Shunrui, trough SIV, belongs to Vicinay Group, an Spanish industrial group, with more than 200 years of life and around 100 years of international experience.

Import & Export service

Except the main products, We ShunRui provide import & export services such as: purchase agent, inspection services, transportation-logistics, and foreign trade consultant, etc.

Purchase Agent

  • We search in the market for the required product and identify the right suppliers.
  • We send samples for approval and confirmation
  • Negotiate the contracts and purchase conditions

Currently, we are more business orientated in textiles and garments, building materials, electrics and electronics and chemical industry.

Inspection Services

We have technical staff specialized by sectors, who will carry out inspection proceedings at the manufacturer's site, during production and before shipment, in order to verify that the order and products had been produced following the technical requirements.


We manage transportation "door to door":

  • Negotiation of ocean and air freights
  • Customs clearance both at the export and import.
  • Documents management (import/export duties, quotas, etc.)

Foreign Trade consultant

We carry out those activities that will enable your company to aces the Chinese market looking for business and investment opportunities, Market Analysis, arranging Commercial Missions, etc.

"For we believe that our clients are our partners, which is why we negotiate the best result.."

"Security in negotiations with Chinese factories."

"Our company structure, with offices in Brazil, Spain and China, makes it possible to be connected technologically and possess physical points of business support. "

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